boredom is a gift that we no longer seem to have.. with so many distractions; so many ways to take our attention. we lose the blessing of falling deep into creativity because we have no other choice. boredom is the universal blessing of youth.. this is my process of boredom.

bored games cover shot by allie costello / @costellocaptures

bored games cover.jpg

the bored games teaser was filmed by andrew franz aka afranz

the fugazi video was shot by jerel mascarinas aka jmocak - with help from josh comprendio - the song features th3ory and was produced by th3ory and i

the recap to the sacramento bored games show in early january 2019 - edited by me

this is the making of for my song “fight” from bored games, featuring a bunch of my friends -

filmed and edited by me